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As the trading week comes to a close, it could be a good time for investors to look into those stocks that may have hit the news cycle and captured their imaginations. This feature would provide you with a look at five such stocks.

Clean Vision Corporation (OTCQB: CLNV) is a leading player in innovative plastic recycling and the conversion of the same into clean fuel development. On December 12, Clean Vision Corporation announced that it had established a new subsidiary named Clean Seas UK Limited (CS UK).

The company noted in its news release that CS UK had been established with the aim of launching plastic waste conversion facilities in Southeast Asia, the European Union, and Eastern Europe. CS UK would deploy Clean Vision Corporation’s Plastic Conversion Network (PCN) for the purpose of expanding the number of its facilities.

Houston Natural Resources Corp. (OTC:HNRC) On December 11, the oil and natural gas company made a key announcement about HNR Acquisition Corp., its portfolio company. Houston Natural Resources Corp. revealed that on November 15, 2023, HNR Acquisition Corp. had completed a business combination through the purchase of the entire equity interest in Pogo Resources LLC and LH Operating LLC, its subsidiary.

It was also noted that HNR Acquisition Corp. had become an independent oil and natural gas company with interests in the Permian.

Halberd Corporation (OTC: HALB) On December 13, the company came into focus after it emerged that it had reached an agreement with for the production, marketing, sales, and distribution of its low-dose naltrexone combo products across the world.

The product from Halberd is patented. Additionally, as per the terms of the agreement, CrodenHealth also held the right of first refusal pertaining to similar rights for products that may be produced in the future by Halberd. CrodenHealth enjoys a vast network of relationships in the industry and has dealt with massive pharmaceutical companies in the past.

RecycLiCo Battery Materials Inc. (TSX: AMY.V) (OTCQB: AMYZF) The company, a pioneer in the sustainable lithium-ion battery recycling technology space, was in focus on December 14 after it made a key announcement.

RecycLiCo Battery Materials Inc. announced that it had received communication from the European Patent Officer with regards to the possibility of granting the first of the two patent applications from the company. Both patents were related to its innovative lithium-ion battery recycling process.

Bullet Blockchain Inc. (OTC: BULT): The company is involved in innovative software development and SaaS related to blockchain technology and Web 3 spaces. On November 8, Bullet Blockchain Inc. announced that its subsidiary unit, First Bitcoin Capital LLC, had completed its first royalty and patent license agreement with a Bitcoin ATM operating firm.

First Bitcoin also received its first payment following the agreement. Bullet Blockchain introduced a number of licensing programs meant for Bitcoin ATM manufacturing companies. The programs include options like per-transaction licensing fees, partner programs, or revenue sharing.