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Investors who are successful in the markets over a reasonable period of time are known for keeping an eye on the news on a daily basis. That eventually leads to them making informed decisions with regards to the stocks that they track and follow. This feature is going to provide a snapshot of five stocks that have been in the news cycle in recent times.

Clean Vision Corp. (OTC:CLNV) On Wednesday, the company came into focus after it emerged that it would be featured among the New to the Street interviews on the same day. The Chief Executive Officer of Clean Vision Corp., Dan Bates, appeared in the interview that was aired on Bloomberg TV.

New to the Street noted in its news release that Clean Vision was involved in the operation and acquisition of synergistic businesses in the green energy and clean technology spaces. Additionally, the company also filed a Form S-1 recently with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and was waiting for approval from the government.

Houston Natural Resources Corp. (OTC:HNRC) On October 31, it was announced that the company would be a participant at the 64th Emerging Growth Conference, which had been scheduled for November 1 and 2, 2023. The event was announced by the major independent small-cap media outlet, It was announced at the time that Houston Natural Resources Corp. was going to be featured on the first day.

The company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Frank Kristian, was going to deliver a keynote speech between 10:50 a.m. and 11:20 a.m. on November 1.

RecycLiCo Battery Materials Inc. (OTC:AMYZF) The company is a worldwide leader in the sustainable lithium-ion battery recycling technology space and made a key announcement on November 1.

RecycLiCo Battery Materials Inc. announced the results from the 2023 Annual General and Special Meeting. The company revealed that the shareholders had approved all the motions that had been put forth before them, bar one. The company’s motion to raise the number of members of its board to six had not been approved by the shareholders.

Sekur Private Data Ltd. (OTC:SWISF) On Wednesday, New to the Street announced its line-up for interviews with four guests, and one of those was related to the company. It was announced that data security firm Sekur Private Data Ltd’s Chief Executive Officer Alain Ghiai would participate in the segment titled “Sekur Privacy & Sekur Security Segment: The Weekly Hack”. It was noted that the noted internet privacy expert Ghiai would discuss the data that had been hacked recently from a prominent ancestry genetics firm.

Aware Inc. (NASDAQ: AWRE): The NASDAQ-listed company was in focus on November 1 after it announced its financial results for the third fiscal quarter of 2023.

Aware revealed that it had managed to generate earnings per share to the tune of $0.05 in the quarter, which worked out to a decline of 58.33% from the EPS of $0.12 in the prior-year period. However, the quarterly sales generated by the company hit $6.38 million, which surpassed consensus analysts’ estimate of $4.60 million by 38.72%. It also reflected a year-on-year rise of 111.64% from the sales of $3.02 million in the prior year quarter.