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Bell Buckle Holdings, Inc. (OTC: BLLB) and its subsidiary, Jump Start Sports LLC, a leader in the $19 billion dollar youth sports market, has acquired the expansion rights for Technique Tigers Baseball Academy, a Trumbull, Connecticut based skill development academy for kids. The Technique Tigers has provided instruction to over 700 athletes in the last 15 years, many of whom have gone on to play college and professional baseball.

Trading Activity

BLLB stock has been one of the biggest gainers so far this month with a jump of 71.42%. The stock is trading above all the major moving averages including 50-day and 200-day of $0.0020 and $0.0040 respectively.

Bell Buckle Holdings is in the news this morning that it had managed to get the expansion rights for Technique Tigers Baseball Academy. It is a Trumbull, Connecticut-based skill development academy that is meant for kids.

It could well prove to be a major new boost for Bell Buckle Holdings and it may be interesting to see how investors react to the news this morning. The company has been in operation for as long as 15 years and during that period Technique Tigers provided instructions to more than 700 athletes. Many of the athletes that were instructed by Technique Tigers went on to participate in college and professional baseball.

The focus of Technique Tigers is to provide young athletes with wherewithal so that they can grow into capable athletes with the right understanding with regard to health, discipline, and education. Technique Tigers is going to collaborate with Jump Start Sports, a subsidiary of Bell Buckle Holdings, in this mission.

Jump Start is fast becoming a name to be reckoned with in the industry and could well provide the right platform to Technique Tigers. Not too long ago Jump Start Sports also launched its franchise offering and by way of that, it is projecting the addition of as many as 30 new markets over the course of the coming two years.