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Zerify Inc., (OTC:ZRFY), a  cybersecurity company focused on securing digital communications announced today that Yanis Development Group has chosen Zerify Meet as it’s secure video conferencing platform to protect financial information for it’s clients & partners. “We are thrilled that Keston and his team at Yanis have chosen Zerify Meet to protect financial & confidential information,” says Mark L. Kay, CEO of Zerify. Financial service organizations are 300 times more likely to be victims of a cyberattack than any other industry.

Trading Activity

ZRFY stock closed up by 16.42% on Friday on higher-than-average volume. Moreover, the stock has soared 47.16% since February 10th.

There is now a lot of interest in the cybersecurity space owing to the anticipated growth in the industry over the coming years and if there is a company that may be worth tracking then it could well be Zerify Inc.

The company, which was previously known as StrikeForce Technologies, has been in the industry for more than two decades and is best known for its secure videoconferencing solutions. In addition to that, it also offers a range of other standard cybersecurity products that protect its clients from security breaches on their networks. The company works with retail consumers, governments, and corporations and has become a well-known name in the industry.

As it happens, the company is in the news this morning after it announced this morning that its product Zerify Meet had been chosen by Yanis Development LLC as its preferred videoconferencing platform. It was noted that it decided Zerify Meet be in a position to protect the financial information of its partners and clients.

It was a significant new development for Zerify considering the fact that such a move could eventually lead to more deals with financial entities. As it happens, data suggests that organizations involved in the financial services sector are 300-fold more likely to be victims of cyber-attacks when compared to other industries. Keston White-Martin, the managing member of Yanis, noted that it was always the priority of the company to protect the proprietary information of its clients.