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Bemax, Inc. (OTC: BMXC) is dynamically exploring growth avenues in the booming global consumer staples and household products sectors. Bemax specializes in marketing and distributing household goods from companies poised to influence the consumer staples market. Bemax’s Mother’s Touch® disposable diapers are available through Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT).

Bemax, Inc. (OTC: BMXC) exports private-label household items to emerging markets globally. The company announced it will accept pre-orders for its enhanced Mother’s Touch® disposable diapers starting August 2024 on This development aligns with Bemax’s commitment to exceeding customer expectations. The new diapers feature a non-woven top sheet, 3D leak guard, peal-patterned spunbond, and a 3-liner wetness indicator, emphasizing superior quality.

Bemax, Inc. (OTC: BMXC) has a 52-week high of $0.0595. Investors should watch this stock due to its expanding presence in the global consumer staples and household products sectors, innovative product offerings like the improved Mother’s Touch® disposable diapers, and its strategic partnerships, including distribution through Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT). These factors position Bemax for potential growth and increased market influence.

Mother’s Touch® disposable diapers among other products will be available through its extensive distribution network to ensure greater accessibility and adaptability. While customers have generally approved of the Mother’s Nature-branded products, Bemax recognized the need for an improved offering to meet evolving customer demands. The enhanced product aims to strengthen the bond between mothers and their babies, leading to its launch.

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