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A company may be as innovative as they come in its industry but at the same time, it also needs the necessary coverage so that it could get the attention of investors who may be looking for such companies. A case in point is RegenX Tech Corp (TSX.V: RGX) (OTCQB:RGXTF), which is best known for having come up with an extraction process for metals that is environmentally safe.

On June 5, the company was featured by BNN Bloomberg. The Chief Executive Officer of the company Greg Pendura had gone to BNN Bloomberg for an interview in which he spoke at length about the sort of services that the company offered. It may be a good idea for investors to consider taking a look at some of the highlights from the interview.

The interviewer started off by noting that diesel catalytic converters could be sources of platinum and palladium but the extraction process could also prove to be a polluting one. The main process was smelting but it had also proven to be unsafe. However, the host noted that RegenX had come up with its own proprietary technology that could extract these metals for further use. Pendura agreed with the host and went on to speak about the demerits of smelting processes in this regard.

Pendura stated that the process the company uses also includes a chemical called silicon carbide and that helps in furthering the process. However, one of the most important things Pendura stated was that Regenx possessed proprietary technologies not only on the extraction side but also on the processing side. Hence, it can be argued that it is possible for the company to build up a self-sufficient ecosystem of its own that could sustain the entire space without any trouble at all.