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Investors are closely eyeing Biopharma Healthcare stocks following impressive performances this week. Dive into the analysis of five stocks, with three flaunting notable gains and two potentially undiscovered companies for monitoring.

Dyadic International Inc. (NASDAQ: DYAI): Zacks Small Cap Research recently provided an in-depth analysis of the platform and the overall prospects of the company. The firm set a valuation of $9 per share on the stock. The report highlighted Dyadic’s collaborations with various governmental organizations and pharmaceutical companies to validate its technology. Additionally, the research pointed out that the company’s research and development revenue is expected to increase due to the expanding network of partners for the C1 platform.

ABVC BioPharma Inc. (NASDAQ: ABVC) gained significant attention on Wednesday, with the biopharmaceutical company’s stock soaring by 61%. The noteworthy development came as ABVC BioPharma Inc. and its subsidiary, BioLite Inc., disclosed the receipt of 46 million shares as the initial milestone payment from AiBti Inc. This milestone payment is a result of a global licensing agreement, and the value of such a payment, as outlined in the agreement with AiBti, is assessed at $460 million.

First Wave BioPharma Inc. (NASDAQ: FWBI) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical firm dedicated to developing targeted therapies for gastrointestinal conditions that are non-systemic in nature. The spotlight was on First Wave BioPharma Inc. stock yesterday, concluding the day with impressive gains of up to 43%.

On December 27, 2023, the company garnered attention with the announcement of agreements made with certain holders of its existing warrants, allowing the exercise of these warrants for a combined total of 881,337 common shares. According to the terms, warrant holders would be able to exercise their warrants at a reduced price of $5.50 per share, receiving new warrants in exchange. First Wave BioPharma highlighted that this arrangement would generate gross proceeds of approximately $4.8 million, excluding advisory fees.

Catheter Precision, Inc. (NYSE American: VTAK), a prominent U.S.-based medical device company, specializing in electrophysiology products, recently disclosed that it has secured approval for two new patents in the European market and Great Britain. This development is expected to significantly enhance the company’s intellectual property portfolio, particularly concerning its LockeT line of products.

In addition to a patent granted in Japan in 2023, the recent patents for LockeT bring the total number of issued patents and patent applications to 50. This milestone is indicative of the company’s dedication to developing and preserving the distinctive features of its closure product design. The design is already accessible in the United States and is currently undergoing review for the CE Mark designation.

NexImmune (NASDAQ: NEXI) If a stock experiences a surge of 153% in a single day, it’s a signal to start paying closer attention. On Wednesday, NexImmune’s stock witnessed a remarkable increase of 153%. Notably, the immunotherapy company is actively pursuing the dissolution of its business.

There is speculation that the significant surge in the stock is a result of a short squeeze. It’s crucial to highlight that the management has scheduled a meeting on January 18 with the intention of dissolving NexImmune as a company. Investors should mark this date on their calendars when assessing the stock.