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Today, it could be advantageous for investors to delve deeper into Clean Vision (OTCQB: CLNV), a rising contender in the realm of pioneering clean fuel advancements and plastic recycling. The company is committed to propelling the plastic circular economy to new heights.

This Monday, the company garnered attention as it strengthened its dedication to the circular plastic economy, moving a step closer to its green bond offering. In a recent announcement, the company revealed that its subsidiary, Clean Seas Partners UK Limited, received a favorable Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)-related second-party opinion (SPO) from International Shareholder Services (ISS) regarding its previously disclosed green bond offering.

The company emphasized that the favorable second-party opinion (SPO) signified Clean Vision’s dedication to ESG standards. Crucially, the SPO issued by ISS endorsed the compliance of Clean Seas UK’s Green Bond with global ESG standards.

Dan Bates, the Chief Executive Officer of Clean Vision, also commented on this milestone. He highlighted the importance of obtaining the ESG second-party opinion (SPO) from ISS as a noteworthy accomplishment for Clean Vision. Bates expressed the company’s intention to leverage this positive development as it progresses with the issuance of its green bond. He extended his gratitude to the entire team at the company, acknowledging their collective efforts that turned the ESG SPO into a reality.

He highlighted that the ESG second-party opinion (SPO) would empower Clean Seas Inc., its subsidiary unit, to establish conversion facilities globally. The company’s ongoing initiatives to expand its network of plastic conversion facilities hinged on various factors, with the green bond offering being a crucial element. It might be prudent to include Clean Vision stock on your watch list.

Clean Vision (OTCQB: CLNV) has consistently maintained a trading position above its 200-day moving average (DMA), which resides beneath its 50-day DMA. This alignment has resulted in a Golden Cross, a potent bullish indicator indicating an upward trend in the stock or market.