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The medical equipment sector is presently highly coveted by investors, and if you’re exploring companies in this field, consider investigating Catheter Precision Inc. (NYSE American: VTAK). This U.S.-based medical device firm specializes in electrophysiology products and recently unveiled a significant announcement.

On Wednesday, February 28, 2024, Catheter Precision, Inc. (NYSE American: VTAK) experienced an 8.69% increase, closing higher than usual trading volumes. This marks the third consecutive day of gains, forming a Bullish Swing Set-up alongside other positive indicators. Furthermore, the stock is currently trading above its 10, 20, and 50-day moving averages. With VTAK’s 52-week high at $2.80, breaking its 200-day moving average of $0.60 could potentially propel the stock to even greater heights.

The corporation disclosed that its product, VIVO, was utilized for the inaugural time on a pediatric patient in Turkey. This revelation surfaced shortly after Catheter Precision declared a fresh distribution collaboration with Ege Artimi, a company operating in the Turkish market, just last month.

David Jenkins, the CEO, commented on this advancement, emphasizing that VIVO stands out as a premier device designed for pre-procedure planning in pediatric cases. This non-invasive tool is particularly useful before ventricular ablations, offering tailored patient-specific information to physicians without additional risk. Jenkins highlighted that deploying VIVO in sensitive patients showcases its adaptability and diverse advantages.

The corporation primarily focuses on pioneering technology for electrophysiology procedures, achieved through impactful partnerships with physicians, which foster ongoing enhancements in its offerings. Initially established as Ra Medical in Delaware in 2018, the company rebranded as Catheter Precision Inc. on August 17, 2023. VIVO stands out as one of its key products, having already garnered substantial traction across various markets. The company aims to expand the product’s reach into additional markets.