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On June 17, 2024, Catheter Precision, Inc. (NYSE American: VTAK), a US-based leader in electrophysiology medical devices, announced a new purchase order for its latest product, LockeT. In preparation for the nationwide launch of LockeT, the company has recently expanded its US sales and clinical team.

Catheter Precision, Inc. (NYSE American: VTAK) has experienced a surge in trading volume over the past few sessions. The stock is performing well relative to key moving averages, including the 20-day ($0.54), 50-day ($0.53), and 200-day ($0.48) averages. Recently, the company’s average trading volume has soared to approximately 418,000 shares per day over the past five trading days, compared to a 60-day average of 66,242 shares. This significant increase suggests potential breakout opportunities, making it a stock to watch closely.

Following a successful evaluation, Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California, placed a new purchase order, marking the third California hospital to do so since early May. Additionally, this is the second hospital in the United States to approve orders for future use beyond the evaluation phase.

Catheter Precision, a leading U.S.-based medical device company, is committed to providing innovative solutions to hospitals and physicians, enhancing the standard of care. The company focuses on developing groundbreaking technology in collaboration with physicians and continuously improving its products. The company is renowned for its two key innovative products: VIVO™aiding in ventricular arrhythmia source detection pre-procedure, and LockeTa closure retention device. Read Entire Update Now!   

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