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Catheter Precision Inc. (NYSE American: VTAK), a leading player in cardiac electrophysiology, unveiled its financial outcomes for the fourth fiscal quarter and the full fiscal year ending December 31, 2023. Here are the noteworthy highlights. By the period’s end, the company boasted total assets of $30.7 million, with a cash balance of $3.6 million and a substantial revenue increase from the preceding fiscal year.

On Tuesday, April 2, 2024, Catheter Precision Stock ended higher with below-average volume, finding support at its 50-day moving average. The price movement formed a bullish hammer candlestick pattern, suggesting a potential upward reversal. Trading above the hammer’s high might present a buying opportunity in the near future.

During the fourth quarter, the company slashed its net loss to $0.7 million, down from $8.2 million in the previous year. While the company’s cash and cash equivalents decreased by $12.3 million for the full year, they had increased by $0.8 million at the end of the previous fiscal year. The company made significant strides in the 2023 fiscal year.

Catheter Precision reported a net loss of $70.6 million, largely due to a one-time $60.9 million write-off for goodwill impairment. However, in the fourth fiscal quarter, the company achieved revenues of $128,800 compared to $0 in the previous year’s quarter. The gross margin for the quarter was 94%, consistent with the fiscal year’s 93%. Operating expenses were $2.7 million for the quarter and $78.5 million for the fiscal year, up from $26.8 million in the prior fiscal year.

An essential strategic step was the purchase of a private electrophysiology firm. This acquisition prompted Catheter Precision to reorient its operations and product line, emphasizing its core cardiac electrophysiology business. Additionally, securing third-party financing enabled the company to introduce its products in a limited capacity, marking a significant achievement. Catheter Precision is confident that it has positioned itself to bolster sales efforts throughout 2024.