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As the world grows more conscious of the environment, certain sectors are going to get more attention. One of those is the circular economy space, and the other is the exploration industry. Here is a look at four companies carefully selected from those sectors:

Cunningham Natural Resources, A/K/A Houston Natural Resources (OTC:HNRC) This week, the company was in focus after it announced strong financial results for the second fiscal quarter ended on June 30, 2023. Revenues went up 8% year on year to hit $9,366,365 for Houston Natural Resources Corp., while the total earnings stood at $6,290,602, which reflected a year-on-year rise of 14% from the total earnings of $5,526,987 in the prior-year period. The earnings per share also went up year over year by 25% to $0.05 per share from $0.04 per share. The net asset value for the second quarter was $0.25 per share.

NNRF Inc. (OTC: NNRI) Yesterday, the company announced that it had engaged the services of Broadley Rees Hogan Lawyers to conduct a complete legal review of its shareholder agreement. NNRF Inc. noted that it had embarked on the move ahead of the acquisition of Zeolite and also the three-way joint venture with Zeolite Australia and Plazer LLC.

Broadley Rees Hogan is based in Brisbane, Australia, and commands a strong reputation as a commercial law firm that provides a wide range of services in the area. The company noted in its news release that the move was an indication of the fact that NNRF was committed to legal transparency and diligence when it came to major business ventures.

SusGlobal Energy Corp. (OTC: SNRG) The agricultural, environmental, renewables and industrial biotech firm announced its financial results for the second fiscal quarter earlier this week. The company recorded revenues of $153,487 for the quarter, while the cost of sales came in at $199,963.

The net loss for the second quarter was $2,946,778, which worked out to a loss per share of $0.02. The adjusted EBITDA loss stood at $153,905. SusGlobal ended the quarter with total assets of $10,903,780 and liabilities of $26,185,878.