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Investors need to be as familiar with the latest news in the markets as possible so that they can sniff out opportunities and make their moves. In recent days, some companies have come into focus for various reasons. Here is a quick look at four of those that investors could track.

Ra Medical Systems Inc. (NYSE American:RMED) The company was in the news yesterday after it announced that its board of directors had approved changing its name to Catheter Precision Inc. (NYSE American: VTAK). The name change went into effect yesterday. The ticker symbol would be changed to VTAK, and the stock would start trading under the new name as well as the new symbol on August 18, 2023.

On August 14, Ra Medical announced that it had been notified about the allowance of the first patent for its LockeT product. The patent had been entitled ‘Vessel Closing Device’ and would be one of a group of six patent applications from the company in the United States. Applications had also been made in China, the European Community, and Japan.

Steppe Gold Ltd. (STGO.T) (OTC:STPGF) On August 14, the company announced its financial results for the second fiscal quarter that ended on June 30, 2023. Revenues in the quarter were $14,722 and $23,797 in the half year, while the average realized prices per ounce for the respective periods stood at $1971 and $1935 for the respective periods.

At the end of the quarter, the company had a cash balance of $5705. In the second quarter, Steppe Gold also completed a private placement of 11,000,000 shares, which led to the raising of $9020 in cash.

Pressure BioSciences Inc. (OTC:PBIO) The company, which is best known for the manufacturing of high-pressure, broadly enabling devices, announced yesterday that two of its top executives would be featured speakers at an online webinar.

Richard T. Schumacher, the Chief Executive Officer of Pressure BioSciences, and the Director of Sales and Marketing, John B. Hollister, were going to speak at the event that commenced at 11 a.m. Eastern Time yesterday. The webinar was titled “Health and Wellness Innovations: The Marvels of UltraShear”.

Kaival Brands Innovations Group Inc. (NASDAQ:KAVL): Kaival Brands Innovations Group Inc. announced yesterday that it had amended its agreement with Phillip Morris International Inc.’s affiliate, Phillip Morris Products SA.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Eric Mosser, noted that the amendment would help administer the deal more easily and would also lead to cost savings of around $2.7 million. Kaival Brands is also expected to receive a reconciliation payment of around $135,000 and has also revealed that extra royalties earned throughout the year could hit around $300,000.

Cunningham Natural Resources, A/K/A Houston Natural Resources (OTC:HNRC): This week, the company was in focus after it announced strong financial results for the second fiscal quarter that ended on June 30, 2023. Revenues went up 8% year on year to hit $9,366,365 for Houston Natural Resources Corp., while the total earnings stood at $6,290,602, which reflected a year-on-year rise of 14% from the total earnings of $5,526,987 in the prior-year period. The earnings per share also went up year over year by 25% to $0.05 per share from $0.04 per share. The net asset value for the second quarter was $0.25 per share.