Clean Vision (OTCQB: CLNV) is an emerging leader in the sustainable green energy and clean technology sectors. On October 24, Clean Vision Corporation hit the news cycle after it announced the development support and engineering team for its plastic conversion manufacturing project located in Quincy, West Virginia.

The project is being operated by its fully owned subsidiary unit, Clean-Seas West Virginia. Clean Vision revealed that Clean-Seas West Virginia had chosen CDI Engineering Solutions for the purpose of providing engineering, procurement, and construction services related to the project.

Additionally, ERM had been chosen for providing environmental and permitting support for the same. Another member of the team is Bowles Rice LLP, which would function as a regulatory and legal advisor for Clean-Seas West Virginia on the project. The Chief Executive Officer of Clean Vision, Dan Bates, spoke about the partners who had been roped in for the project. He stated that partners like ERM and CDI would not only help in the success of the project by delivering it on time and on budget, but also help in replicating it in other parts of the United States.

On October 11, the company announced that it had entered into a strategic engagement agreement with the firm Grant Thornton International. Grant Thornton is a global advisory firm with a notable track record. The company engaged its services with regards to the issuance of green bonds to the tune of as much as $340 million.

At the time, the company revealed that it would use the proceeds from the green bonds to finance the establishment and operation of its PCN, or Plastic Conversion Network, for which a patent is still pending. The engagement of the company with Grant Thornton marked a major step in its quest towards the deployment of PCN and helping tackle the scourge of plastic pollution.