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One of the companies that could be in focus this morning is Clifton Mining Company (OTC:CFTN) after it announced its annual meeting voting results in a news release. The company revealed that the shareholders had approved the election of each of the five nominees who had been put forward for the role of director.

Each of the nominees got more than 60% of the affirmative votes from the shareholders, exclusive of broker non-votes and abstentions. Stanley J. Cutter got 93% of the votes, and his term would expire in 2024. Scott S. Moeller and Kenneth S. Friedman, both of whom would be in place up until 2025, recorded 51% and 82% of the votes, respectively. Jerry L. Wilhelm and Clifford L. Reid, both of whom would have their terms expire in 2026, gathered 92% and 95% of the votes, respectively.

However, that was not all. The shareholders of Clifton Mining also confirmed the appointment of MAX Accounting Group LLC as the new independent auditors of the company. Around 95% of the shares that had been voted for were in favor of the appointment of MAC Accounting. In light of the latest announcements, it would be interesting to see if the stock garners any attention today.