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On Wednesday morning investors are going to continue to look into stocks that they feel could eventually make an upward move during the day and one such stock could well be Dais Corporation (OTCMKTS:DLYT).

The company is involved in the commercial nanotechnology solutions space and it had been in the news back on January 17 this year after it made a key announcement. The innovative solutions from Dais are proven and are part of an industry that is valued at $642 billion. The growth in the market has been brought about by climate change and also the changing buying preferences of people following the pandemic.

The company has developed its own nanomaterial platform named Aqualyte and deploys that in order to create a number of innovative product solutions that could change industries. Dais has claimed that these products are not only meant for creating value for the shareholders but at the same time to create a balanced ecosystem.

The products are meant for providing protection to the four main elements of the environment, the efficient use and creation of energy, clean water, and freshwater. The company has claimed that the functionality and features of the Aqualyte platform are disruptive and could help in the development of products which revolutionary in nature.

It has even been projected by the company that it believes that within the next decade, there is going to be wider adoption of products created on the Aqualyte platform. Eventually, Dais believes that its sales would be boosted and it would have a presence across several countries with revenues exceeding more than $1 billion.

Once that happens, it could be said that the company would have finally achieved its goal of having not only created its own ecosystem but also gone on to create value for all its shareholders.