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Commercial nanotechnology company Dais Corporation (OTCMKTS:DLYT) is one of the companies that may deserve far closer scrutiny at this point in time following the gains made by its stock over the course of the past few days. Since February 13 the stock has been in the middle of a rollicking rally and clocked gains of as much as 1000% amidst heavy interest.

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The company is best known for its Aqualyte platform which helps with the creation of new product solutions that provide considerable environmental and financial savings. Yesterday, it was in the news after it highlighted that the growth of the potential $642 billion market is going to be mainly brought about by greater awareness about climate change as well as the change in buying habits due to the pandemic.

The company noted that in this situation its Aqualyte nanomaterial platform is expected to play a significant disruptive role through the offering of effective and innovative solutions which could take on a range of challenges. The materials produced by the platform are not only flexible but can also be used for the purpose of reducing the usage of those materials which can consume a lot of energy or lead to emissions.

Earlier in the month, the company was in the news after it announced that NanoClear, its proprietary clean water process, had been successful in removing a water contaminant that is found in water across the world.

These are called PFAS or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances and the technology had proven to be suitably effective in removing these. There were a number of third-party tests that had also been conducted and NanoClear had been successful in removing traces of PFAS in all of those. At this point, investors could consider keeping an eye on the company’s stock.