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Nanotechnology company FendX Technologies Inc (FNDX.C) (OTCQB: FDXTF) is involved in the development of surface protection coatings. Yesterday, the company came into focus after it announced that company had been successful in completing the first phase of development that had been earmarked in its development agreement with Dunmore International Corp that had been announced on April 12 this year.

As per the provisions of the development agreement, in the first phase, Dunmore was to adapt McMaster’s lab formulation for making REPELWRAP film into its manufacturing process. Dunmore had been successful in doing that.

The films that the company had created were the tested at McMaster and it was confirmed that the films had similar properties to the prototype at McMaster lab. The positive developments in this particular phase would allow Dunmore to move into the next stage of development.

That phase would consist of small runs on the commercial manufacturing line for the purpose of creating films of intermediate sizes. Those films would be tested further as well. The ultimate aim of the project is to completely automate the manufacturing process for REPELWRAP and that is being seen as a major step in coming up with a commercial product.