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Gaensel Energy Group, Inc., (OTC: GEGR), a diversified holding company with assets in Green Energy, Biotech, Medical, and Fashion Media is pleased to report a Net Income increase of 6 times the Net Income reported for the Second Quarter of 2022. Our President, Peter Koley, reports today that “Despite macro-market volatility and international economic status, the drastic drop in the Euro on the USD/EUR exchange pressure; Gaensel Energy reported Net Income with an increase of 6 times the Net Income reported for the Second Quarter 2022.

Market Action

On Wednesday, GEGR stock closed Up 17.75% and up 23.29% for November 2022 – from 11/1/22 closed of $ .02636  – $.0325.

The company is involved in a range of industries starting from biotech and green energy to fashion and media among others. Yesterday, it was in the news after it came up with a corporate update with regards to its financial results for the third quarter ending September 30, 2022.

Peter Koley, who is the President of Gaensel, spoke about the situation at the company yesterday. He noted that despite the economic situation at a global level, the macroeconomic volatility and the pressures brought on by foreign exchange troubles, the company managed to perform strongly. He noted that the net income had gone up by as much as six times when compared to the net income at the end of the second fiscal quarter. He went on to state that Gaensel had been able to boost its revenues due to the resilience of its assets, razor-sharp and effective marketing.

In addition to that, it was noted that the negotiations were ongoing on several fronts and the fruits of those will be seen during the first fiscal quarter of 2023. Koley noted that one of the secrets of the continued growth at Gaensel was that the company allowed the founders and managers of its portfolio companies to work on their operations independently. That has proven to be one of the reasons why the company has continued to thrive despite market difficulties.