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The company, which is a leading player in the ammolite gems mining and market space, was in focus on September 12 following a key development. GEMXX Corporation (OTC:GEMZ) announced at the time that the demand for GEMXX Ammolite in the field of jewelry designs by Kenneth Bradley had grown exponentially.

The company also revealed that the presence of GEMXX Ammolite had expanded significantly, not only in the United States but also internationally. The live on-air events, which are hosted by Kenneth Bradley, also help in the display of the uniqueness of the GEMXX ammolite gemstones in the jewelry products designed by Bradley.

Kenneth Bradley, who is the owner of Canadian Ammolite Gems, spoke about the product as well. He noted that, in his opinion, GEMXX was the best supplier of ammolite in the world. He went on to add that it was the reason why he selected GEMXX ammolite for the jewelry he designed. In order to meet the surging demand for the product, the company would expand its jewelry and gemstone production by as much as 300% year over year. Over the next 12 months, the shopping channel division of the company plans to supply $5.5 million worth of ammolite jewelry and gemstones.