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Sometimes companies may become better known for the work that is done by their subsidiaries, and that seems to be the case with General Enterprise Ventures Inc. (OTC:GEVI) in recent times.

Shares of GEVI soared over 28% in Thursday’s trading session, extending to 80% for this month.

The company’s subsidiary unit, Mighty Fire Breaker (MFB) LLC, is a leading player in the environmentally safe and sustainable proactive wildfire defense solutions space. Some of the products in Mighty Fire Breaker’s portfolio include EPA Safer Choice Certified Citrotech® Wildfire, stationary and mobile spray application systems, mapping technologies, GPS tracking, and recording, among others. It also supports intelligent and proactive wildfire defense management processes.

On July 25, MFB was in focus after it announced that it had joined forces with the Executive Director of Outward Bound Adventures (OBA), Charles Thomas. The collaboration had been struck for the purpose of training the Environmental Restoration Technicians (ERT) team at the company, Proactive Wildfire Defense Spraying of CitroTech.

The objective of the training is to limit the risk to animals and other wildlife in Animal Parks located in the Western Wildfire Region. Since it was established in 1962, OBA has remained the longest-serving non-profit focused on helping low-income BIPOC youth with knowledge about environmental education, conservation workforce initiatives, and leadership. In the past six decades, OBA has served in excess of 95,000 participants.

On June 27, the company provided a demonstration of the effectiveness of its product, MFB-31-CitroTech. During the demonstration, it was revealed that if it was applied to trees and vegetation in advance of the arrival of a wildfire, then it could stop the advance of the said wildfire.

The anchor and reporter at ABC TV Lon Angeles Phillip Palmer spent the whole day at the demonstrations site located in San Bernardino and also conducted interviews with three members of the advisory board at the company, who were Retired Fire Chiefs.