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Houston Natural Resources Corporation (OTC: HNRC), an oil and natural gas company, witnessed a notable surge in its stock, marking a substantial gain of 27.59% propelled by robust trading activity. It is noteworthy that the stock of Houston Natural Resources Corporation experienced positive momentum over four consecutive trading days.

The stock successfully crossed the 20-day moving average (20 DMA) and found support at the 50-day moving average (50 DMA), signalling bullish trends. On January 3, the company offered shareholders a synopsis of significant accomplishments, business advancements, and key insights outlining its trajectory for 2024 and the future.

The company applied to FINRA for a name change to Cunningham Natural Resources Corporation, along with requests for a symbol change and a new CUSIP number. This strategic decision was made following the successful acquisition of a 100% interest in Cunningham Energy LLC.

This transaction contributed to an increase in the net asset value (NAV) of Houston Natural Resources Corporation by $1.70 per share. Cunningham Natural Resources Corporation is slated to engage in both conventional oil and gas ventures and energy transition materials, encompassing opportunities in mining. Prospective mining ventures may involve gold, copper, lithium, other precious metals, and rare earth metals.

The company’s emphasis will be on global investments, with a primary focus on sustainability. Cunningham Energy has completed audited statements for the past two years, aiming for a full listing on NASDAQ. Additionally, the company has initiated a restructuring process to meet the criteria for listing on a major exchange.