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One of the most important aspects of successful investing lies in diligent research. It may be possible for investors to go with the flow of the market and sometimes get lucky, however, when it comes to creating long-term wealth, nothing can beat research.

Hence, it is important for investors to not only look into the stocks which may be recording gains but also to look deeper into the companies to get an idea about their businesses and the possible reasons behind the rally. This article is going to give you a look into three stocks that may be worth tracking at this point.

Human Unitec International Inc (OTCMKTS:HMNU)  – One of the stocks to have emerged as one of the major gainers on Wednesday was that of Human Unitec International Inc, which ended the day with gains of as much as 18%. The company is a project finance, development, and management entity that is primarily involved in the medical, wellness, green energy, and sustainability sectors.

Yesterday, Human Unitec International was in focus among investors after the company provided a key corporate status update. The company announced that it had decided to appoint Cesana Media China as the exclusive marketing agent for its Medical Equipment and for the Human Unitec International Medical Centers. The first of those medical centers is SpazioMaugeri.

Cesana Media operates an international network made up of social media influencers and has a track record of creating customized and compelling narratives with regard to brands. It could be a good idea for investors to consider adding the stock to their watch lists at this point.

RushNet, Inc (OTCMKTS:RSHN) – Rushnet as well as subsidiaries, heliosDX, Inc. and Grandeza Healthcare Consultants, have put much effort into the accounting, legal as well as auditor partners for achieving milestones for driving the vision forward.  The company has achieved much during the year including the PCAOB audit conducted by Somerset CPAs and Advisors as well as filing a Tier 2 Regulation A with the SEC. Dividend shares of 12.5 million heliosDX shares will be issued.

More than 17 million shares will be issued at a discount of $1.18 per share for raising about $20,000,000 in capital for funding future acquisitions.  Furthermore, the company submitted audited financials to the OTC markets and updated the Articles of Incorporation for Rushnet, Inc. in Colorado.

AllStar Health Brands Inc (OTC:ALST) is the next one that could be added to the list of micro caps from the medical, wellness, and healthcare sectors. Back on May 26, the company had come into focus after it announced that it had gone into a strategic partnership with the media company Media Fusion Inc in order to develop AllStar Global Media.

The new entity is going to be concerned with the production of content related to the healthcare sector and Media Fusion is going to help in the production. Initially, AllStar Global Media is going to concentrate on content related to the pharmaceutical sector.

Halberd Corporation (OTC:HALB)  – On Wednesday, the stock found some traction nonetheless and ended up with gains of as much as 5% as a consequence.

Back on June 21, the company was in the news after it had announced that it had created a subgroup of researchers who are going to focus on the deployment of its extracorporeal treatment methodology for the treatment of cancer.

It is important for investors to remember that the methodology that Halberd has come up with has the potential to be used in treating a number of diseases. That may be one of the reasons for the continued excitement about the stock among many investors.

Epazz Inc (OTC:EPAZ)  – If you are interested in crypto-related companies, then Epazz may be the one to look into at this point. The company is currently focused on a project in Dubai that is going to work on converting sunlight into Bitcoin and is known as the CryObo Project.

Back on June 8, it was also announced that the project-specific tokens are going to be launched in the fiscal third quarter as well for financing the whole thing. Token holders are going to earn from the Bitcoin tokens that are produced.