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There are many remarkably cheap stocks in the market that may often result in significant returns. Investors do not need a massive outlay to pick up a large number of stocks and if those stocks move then there are considerable profits to be made. There are some stocks in the market that even trade under a penny a share and if one does his research then there are certain stocks that may be worth tracking. This list gives you a glimpse into three gainers from among stocks that trade under a penny.

RushNet Inc (OTCMKTS:RSHN) – The first one to make it to the list is RushNet Inc, which had been in significant focus among investors back on Friday and had ended up with gains of as much as 19.23% amidst heavy interest. That being said there was no news about the company back on Friday and in fact, the last time the company had been in the news was back on July 11 this year.

The company announced at the time that it had gone into a partnership with Scitek Diagnostics. By way of the partnership, RushNet would adopt the AutoUA reagent system from Scitek for the purpose of tackling kidney diseases.

Human Unitec International Inc (OTCMKTS: HMNU) – The Human Unitec International Inc stock is another one that could well be worth looking into at this point considering the fact that it has gained significant momentum. Last month the company announced that on July 25 it was going to launch the BCEP or BlockChain Property Enterprises. It is a highly ambitious project that is going to be involved the tokenization of real estate opportunities from all across the globe.

AllStar Health Brands Inc (OTCMKTS:ALST) stock could be tracked by investors this week. There has been no news about the company for quite some time.

Back on May 26, the company announced that it was going to form AllStar Global Media in collaboration with Media Fusion Inc. It would work on developing health-related content.

Epazz (OTCMKTS:EPAZ) – is a cloud-based software company involved in providing custom-made cloud applications to its clients.

Most of the clients that the company boasts of are from the corporate world, the public sector, and from educational institutions. The company is currently quite well known for having developed the Epazz BoxesOS v3.0, which provides a web-based software package to companies of small to medium sizes.

IJJ Corporation (OTCMKTS:IJJP) developed a payment processing service where businesses structure subscribers as backers for specific ongoing programs with sustainable funding and betterment and improvement projects. The WebApp is an eCommerce Exchange Trading Platform Solution called eCETP, see more now.

The company is involved in providing management and consulting services to both private as well as publicly listed companies. It also provides its services to service contractors and to professionals. Some of the services provided by IJJP include management consulting, financial support services, and subscription service programs.

Bell Buckle Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: BLLB) – The one to complete this list is Bell Buckle Holdings Inc which had ended up with gains of 6% back on Friday. The company had come into focus back on July 12 when it made an announcement with its recently acquired company Jump Star Sports. Bell Buckle Holdings announced that in the first six months of the year Jump Star had managed to bring in revenues of $949,325 to go along with net profits of $564,954.