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Artificial intelligence is an industry that is soon going to have a profound effect on a large number of industries and considering the full scope of the industry, it is perhaps not a surprise. For instance, it could have significant applications in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors and that is something that investors could keep an eye on due to the size of those sectors.

A company that may prove to be of interest to investors at this point is ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd (NASDAQ:IPA), which has managed to make considerable progress in this particular field.

Driving Pharma Forward: LENSai ’s Distinctive AI Technology for Unrivaled Advancements

The company has managed to come up with its own LENS Integrated Intelligence Technology and more importantly, the technology has been patented as well.

It is a technology that could potentially revolutionize not only the pharmaceutical industry but also the artificial intelligence industry. It should be noted that the technology is unlike the existing algorithms since it uses HYFT, a unique index. The index helps in analyzing, sorting, organizing, and cross-correlating tons of biological data from any source.

The index is the secret sauce of the technology since it allows the company to have access to the sort of data and information which could not be made possible by other algorithms. In simple terms, LENS is unique and that is a significant thing for ImmunoPrecise Antibodies.

Experts in the artificial intelligence space believe that LENS is a unique platform that could even be highly valuable to large companies which may need artificial intelligence to hit their goals. The technology provides the sort of insight and competitive advantage that could eventually have a profound effect on the artificial intelligence industry at large. It may be a good move to keep an eye on the ImmunoPrecise Antibodies stock.