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The mining industry is increasingly looking for ways in which it could extract precious metals in an environmentally responsible way and at this point in time, it is Regenx Tech Corp (TSX.V: RGX) (OTCQB:RGXTF) that managed to come up with its own sustainable technology for precious metals extraction.

Not too long ago, the Chief Executive Officer of the company Greg Pendura participated in an interview in which he spoke extensively about the company’s growth and the future over the next three to four years. In the interview, Pendura noted that the company had entered its phase for exponential growth and went on to note that in the next three to four years, Regenx could hit a market cap of $1 billion from the current market cap of $30 million.

He noted that not too long ago the company had commissioned the first of a four-module plant in Tennessee. He went on to note that it was the first of the four plants that the company wanted to commission throughout the United States in the coming years.

However, more importantly, it was projected that each plant was going to generate as much as $15 million a year and clean technology companies could then go on to get a cash flow surplus that could go up 15 times.

The company has managed to come up with its own proprietary clean technology and had deployed it at its plant in Tennessee. At that plant, the company would look to recover palladium and platinum from pre-used diesel catalytic converters.

Up until now, smelting had been the chosen method for recovering such chemicals but the latest technology is environmentally friendly at a time more and more industries are becoming responsible. Recovery and recycling at such a scale would also cement Regenx’s place as a leader in the circular economy.