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Infinity Stone Ventures Corp (CSE:GEMS) (OTC:TLOOF)  Infinity Stone’s mission is to be a one-stop-shop, single sources supplier for the critical energy metals being used in the clean energy revolution. Infinity Stone is meeting the demand from battery and wind turbine manufacturers, nuclear and hydrogen energy producers, and energy metals speculators by acquiring majority interest in 6 critical mineral/mining projects, (see more), in friendly jurisdictions such as Quebec and Toronto, Infinity Stone’s portfolio includes lithium, graphite, copper, gold, platinum and palladium. close to final use destinations in North American manufacturing hubs. 

The clean energy sector has continued to garner considerable interest from investors in recent times owing to the long-term possibilities and one of the companies in the sector which you could look into today is Infinity Stone Ventures Corp (CSE:GEMS) (OTC:TLOOF).

That being said, it should be noted that Infinity Stone Ventures is a diversified company. It is involved in supplying critical energy metals that are necessary for the clean energy industry and in addition to that it also offers a SaaS solutions portfolio.

The two most important businesses at Infinity Stone Ventures at are HealthCheck and the energy metals business. The company is also focused on 1005 acquisitions of critical mineral deposits in order to strengthen its energy metals business.

The company had come into focus last Thursday, July 28 when it announced that it had been successful in closing the second tranche of investment. Infinity Stone Ventures issued as many as 1328333 units for the price of $0.15 each and managed to raise as much as $199250 in the form of gross proceeds.

Each unit was made up of a Class A subordinate voting share and half of a share purchase warrant for one share. A whole warrant could be used to pick up one share in Infinity Stone Ventures for the price of $0.30 a share up until three years since the date of issue.

In this regard, it may be a good idea to keep in mind that with regards to the first tranche the company had issued as many as 15600 finders’ warrants. On top of that, Infinity Stone Ventures also had to pay a finder’s fee to the tune of $2340. The finders’  warrants that had been issued by the company could be exchanged for one share in Infinity Stone Ventures for $0.30 up until two years since the date of issuance.