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Investors seeking stocks trading under $0.01 per share have numerous options, but compiling a list can be challenging. To ease this task, consider this feature highlighting three noteworthy penny stocks to track.

SMC Entertainment, Inc. (OTC: SMCE) announced this morning that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has completed its review of Form 10, initially filed by SMC in June 2023. This milestone establishes SMC as a fully reporting public company. Concurrently, SMC recently announced its acquisition of 100% of ChainTrade Ltd.’s assets. The next major milestone for SMC will be filing for a company name and symbol change with FINRA.

Spooz/ JP 3E Holdings Inc. (OTC: SPZI), announced on May 23 that it had signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Bloxcross Inc. In the announcement, Spooz Inc. highlighted Bloxcross as an innovative leader in the digital asset sector, known for its groundbreaking platform. This platform has revolutionized global bilateral trade, financial applications, and cross-border payments through advanced blockchain technologies. The strategic investment is seen as pivotal for both Bloxcross and Spooz.

Halberd Corporation (OTC: HALB) on May 22 gained attention after announcing a pivotal collaboration with Athena GTX. The partnership is nearing significant milestones in addressing global issues impacting both military personnel and civilians. Halberd Corporation revealed that their joint efforts with Athena are progressing well, particularly in tackling PTSD. Their patented technologies and intellectual property align with market needs. The company’s LDN+ product is undergoing trials as a potential treatment for PTSD and suicidal ideation in military personnel.

Affluence Corporation (OTC: AFFU) announced last week the immediate appointment of Mary Stanhope as President and Chief Operating Officer (COO). Mary will oversee operations and strategy for the holding company and its subsidiaries and will also join the Board of Directors. The company focuses on creating value through strategic investments and acquisitions in asset-light, innovative, and AI-enabled software and services for the global communications market.

Premier Graphene Inc. (OTC: BIEI) made headlines on May 13 by announcing its acquisition of the third commercial industrial license in Mexico, in partnership with HGI Industrial Technologies. The company stated that it is leveraging resources from both the United States and Mexico to produce graphene-based products. These products are poised to meet substantial customer demands across diverse sectors, including medical, aerospace, and construction. Inc. (ICTY) has announced a major expansion into the digital eyewear market. The company is set to launch a new line of smart glasses designed to integrate seamlessly with augmented reality (AR) applications. This move positions at the forefront of the rapidly growing AR industry, providing consumers with cutting-edge eyewear technology. With this strategic expansion, aims to capitalize on the increasing demand for advanced digital solutions, further solidifying its presence in the tech-driven eyewear market.