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The trading week is going to come to a close today, but there have been a number of major moves that may have caught the eye of plenty of investors. Many companies made major announcements throughout the course of the week, and it may be a good idea for investors to take a look into the selected ones. This feature provides you with a look at five such companies.

Catheter Precision Inc. (NYSE American: VTAK) garnered attention in a feature within “MedTech Outlook” as a standout innovator in the rapidly expanding field of medical manufacturing. Specializing in electrophysiology (EP) technology. Also, this week they announced 4Q, 2023 annual Financials and the Board Authorizes its CEO and Chairman to Make “Open Market” Purchases of Company Shares. Explore the full interview in “MedTech Outlook” for comprehensive insights.

Houston Natural Resources Corp. (OTC:HNRC) On January 10, the company outlined an investor presentation for 2024 with a pending name, symbol and CUSIP change, to Cunningham Natural Resources Corp, outlined an investor presentation for 2024. Here is the presentation

On January 3, the company entered the news cycle after providing shareholders with updates about its latest business developments. Houston Natural Resources Corp. announced that it had filed a filing with FINRA to change its name to Cunningham Natural Resources Corp. as well as make changes to its CUSIP number and ticker symbol.

The decision by the company was made in light of its 100% acquisition of Cunningham Energy LLC. The acquisition also boosted Houston Natural Resources Corp.’s net asset value to $1.70 per share.

Clean Vision Corporation (OTCQB:CLNV)—the circular economy player—is an emerging power in the clean fuel development and plastic recycling space. On January 8, Clean Vision Corporation announced that its subsidiary unit, Clean Seas Partners UK Ltd, had been awarded an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) SPO (Second Party Opinion) by the International Shareholder Services (ISS) pertaining to its green bond offering. It was deemed another successful step towards completing the green bond offering.

Halberd Corporation (OTC:HALB) The company’s stock has been on fire since January 1 and has managed to clock gains of 71.43% since then. On January 10, Halberd Corporation announced that it had inked a profitable revenue-sharing agreement with the privately held Athena GTX Inc. Athena GTX is focused on providing medical care solutions meant for use by first responders in both the private and government sectors.

Spooz Inc. (OTC:SPZI) The stock was in sharp focus yesterday as it continued on its upward surge and took its gains in the past 30 trading days to as much as 1000%. Spooz Inc.’s fully owned subsidiary unit, JP Energy Global PTE LTD, was in focus on January 5 after it announced that it had executed as many as nine commodity contracts for Grade A Chicken Paws with a total value of $303 million. The value included previous commodity contracts announced in December 2023.