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The company is known for being one of the more innovative operators in the biotechnology space. Dyadic International (NASDAQ: DYAI) is working on the next generation of proteins so as to boost wellness, nutrition, and health. The company is credited with having developed the C1 platform, a proprietary fungal expression system that can help in the production of a range of recombinant proteins.

The platforms are known for providing the same output and efficiency as traditional platforms; however, they provide those benefits quicker, at a lower cost, and at higher levels of productivity. The company has managed to accomplish that through a flexible production scale. The process does not involve the use of endotoxins or viral inactivation.

The C1 platform produced the proteins in 12 to 14 days as opposed to CHO cells, which take 41 to 54 days, and baculovirus, which takes 28 to 38 days. C1 has the capability of producing three to four batches during the same time period when CHO or Baculovirus may produce one batch.

Dyadic has been successful in C1 commercialization in a number of industrial applications, and currently the company is working on development so as to produce proteins of commercial grade. The company had sold off its industrial business to DuPont in 2015 for $75 million. The proceeds from the sale had been deployed towards the repurchasing of stock and also for additional development of the C1 platform for biologics production.

Recently, Zacks Small Cap Research stated that there was expectation of growth in research and development revenues owing to the onboarding of more C1 platform research partners.

The company’s USP lies in higher-yield production at lower costs. Additionally, the C1 platform can also be licensed for deployment towards the production of recombinant proteins. The research licenses are already available with the company, and subsequently, production strains could be developed and then licensed. The company is currently in a strong position to provide recombinant serum albumin at a competitive cost.

The company’s mode of operation is fairly simple. Dyadic International’s clients supply it with the target DNA sequence, and within a period of six weeks, the CI platform helps in producing stable cell lines and testing material. The company’s overarching mission is to develop such proteins through its platform, which could have a profound effect on global health. The C1 platform has been responsible for coming up with a large number of potential products already. Additionally, the products may not need to go through human trials prior to commercialization.