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One of the companies that may well be worth tracking at this point in time is Digital Asset Monetary Network Inc. (OTC:DATI). It operates in the form of a diversified investment company and combines the principles of social impact investing and value investing. On January 3, the company was in the news after it provided some key updates with regards to its business divisions. The company announced that it had hit a major new milestone after it had concluded its research and development phase.

Additionally, Digital Asset Monetary Network revealed that it had also been provided with the approval to have a Regulation D offering worth $75 million in the third fiscal quarter of 2023. It was a significant part of the journey that that company had embarked upon to achieve the aim of fully rolling out its PAI program.

The fundraising activities had already started with the Digital Asset Monetary Network raising bridge loans from investors and founders. Those bridge loans would provide the company with the time to create a list of accredited investors who could participate in its Regulation D offering.

In this context, it could be a good idea to look into the update provided by the company about Bullet Blockchain, one of its client companies. The Digital Asset Monetary Network announced that Bullet Blockchain had been successful in hitting some major milestones. One of the biggest milestones was with regards to the deployment of Bitcoin ATMs and further advancing its strategy related to patents. At the end of 2023, Bullet Blockchain announced that it expected revenues for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2023 to hit $740,000.

The growth in revenues was deemed a reflection of its growing clout in both the Bitcoin ATM and blockchain industries. It may be a good time to keep an eye on the Digital Asset Monetary Network stock.