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Catheter Precision Inc. (NYSE American: VTAK) garnered attention in a feature within “MedTech Outlook” as a standout innovator in the rapidly expanding field of medical manufacturing. Specializing in electrophysiology (EP) technology, the company is led by the accomplished Chief Executive Officer, David Jenkins, a seasoned executive with a wealth of experience in the medical technology sector. Explore the full interview in “MedTech Outlook” for comprehensive insights.

The organization is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge electrophysiology (EP) solutions to healthcare providers. Its product lineup comprises three key devices: Vivo, LockeT, and Amigo. Each of these devices plays a distinct role in the EP process, such as ablating, mapping, and suturing. Particularly notable is VIVO, one of the company’s well-received offerings. This non-invasive, pre-procedure alternative to mapping is conducted via catheters, enabling EP experts to identify arrhythmias with significantly greater precision compared to conventional methods.

Amigo grants operators the capability to control catheter movements for the purpose of ablating heart tissues. The device utilizes a console positioned outside the radiation field of the catheter lab. Lastly, but of significant importance, LockeT serves as a device facilitating suture retention. This aids in enabling same-day patient discharge by distributing suture tension across a broader surface area on the patient’s body.

Catheter Precision formulated the three devices with the objective of maximizing non-invasiveness while concurrently offering services at a reduced cost. These attributes are intended to assist medical institutions in simplifying and optimizing their ablation procedures. Jenkins played a pivotal role in transforming the landscape of electrophysiology (EP) workflow with the introduction of these three devices. Particularly noteworthy is VIVO, hailed by the company as a groundbreaking device.

Evaluations are expected to be carried out on Catheter Precision, Inc.’s (NYSE American: VTAK) VIVO™ (View Into Ventricular Onset) non-invasive 3D imaging system, providing physicians with the capability to identify the source of cardiac arrhythmias. The hospitals participating in these assessments encompass notable institutions such as Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland Clinic in Akron, Ohio, Staten Island University Hospital in Staten Island, New York, WellSpan Hospital in York, Pennsylvania, Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, New Jersey, and others.