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In the last year, Halberd Corporation (OTC: HALB) has garnered attention as a notable player in the healthcare industry due to its involvement in various groundbreaking projects. This Tuesday, the company made headlines by revealing the successful establishment of a lucrative revenue-sharing agreement with Athena GTX Inc., based in Johnston, Iowa. Athena GTX, a privately owned firm, specializes in delivering healthcare solutions tailored for first responders in both governmental and private domains.

Within this framework, it’s essential to highlight Athena’s impressive track record of over two decades in pioneering research. Moreover, the company secured government funding through grants and contracts spanning multiple years. Athena’s focus was particularly directed towards the distinctive realm of military products and services, generating an annual average revenue ranging between $4 million to $5 million. The news release emphasized the considerable potential for further expansion within that specific market.

Under the terms outlined in the agreement, Athena’s established track record and specialized knowledge would synergize with Halberd’s groundbreaking intellectual property. This partnership is poised to enable Halberd to swiftly introduce numerous products into markets where previous attempts encountered limited success.

Among these offerings, one is a nasal spray therapy designed for addressing traumatic brain injuries, while the other is LDN+, intended for managing prevalent conditions among veterans such as PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), pain, suicidal ideation, and addictions. William A. Hartman, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the company, highlighted that it took Halberd several months to set the master plan in motion.

This Tuesday, the stock exhibited a strong performance, concluding with a notable 7.52% gain at $0.01, trading at 4.74 times the average 60-day volume. Moreover, it surpassed the 200-, 50-, and 20-day moving averages (DMA). Currently, the stock is riding a robust uptrend, showcasing an impressive 104% surge in January 2024, starting from its closing value of $0.0049 on the last trading day of 2023.