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Investors are almost always on the lookout for stocks that have made strong moves in the market and going by the action this morning, it may be a good move to take a closer look at Laser Photonics Corporation (NASDAQ:LASE). The stock has been volatile over the past few sessions and gained 46% in the past week.

The company is best known for being a global developer of Cleantech laser systems.

Last week, the company came into sharp focus after it announced that the implementation of its CleanTech Handheld Laser Blasting system had actually been integrated into the manufacturing facilities by The Coca-Cola Company. It goes without saying that the announcement was a significant one considering the sheer size of The Coca-Cola Company. The Chief Executive Officer of the company Wayne Tupuola spoke about the matter as well. He noted that the fact that The Coca-Cola Company had decided to deploy  its cleantech Handheld Laser Blasting system in many of its manufacturing facilities was another indication of the use case for its technology.

He went on to note that the system was particularly novel since it not only reduced preparation times but also boosted throughput speeds. The rally in the stock this morning is hence understandable. If the whole thing proves to be a success with a behemoth like Coca-Cola then more such contracts could follow for Laser Photonics. Additionally, there could be an expansion of the sort of use that the system is put to by Coca-Cola as well. Investors could do well to keep an eye on the stock today.