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A company to have made a bit of a splash in recent times is Marketing Worldwide Corporation (OTC: MWWC) due to a range of developments and one of those was the appointment of media pioneer Robert Blagman as its TCO. The appointment had been made by the company as part of its strategy to move into the media space in a meaningful way.

This morning the company announced that Blagman had participated in an interview with, in which he spoke at length about his own accomplishments as a media planner. Throughout his career, Blagman has been involved in a wide range of media projects in which he led everything and guided the teams to success at a global level.

Since he joined the company recently, Blagman is going to do a series of interviews and in the latest one, he provided considerable insights with regard to its plans for Marketing Worldwide Corporation’s foray into the media space. He spoke with’s Stuart Smith.

During the course of the interview Blagman noted that after he departed from the world of corporate television, he realized that the United States was not the only market that was ripe for growth in the media space. There were a large number of opportunities globally if one decided to look closely.

As it happens, Blagman spoke about his accomplishments as a global media pioneer during the interview. After quitting corporate television, he helped in the establishment of as many as three television stations outside the United States, achieved a number of firsts in the industry, and was also successful in growing his advertising agency significantly. Now that Marketing Worldwide Corporation is going to go in a new direction, Blagman is going to use his expertise in helping it grow.