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Marketing Worldwide Corporation (OTC: MWWC), acquires Marketing Worldwide Media. This media arm will allow the Company to bring in television concepts for entertainment, news, social, web, and commercial sales programming.  Additionally, MWWC retained a media specialist Robert Blagman who brings over 30 years of experience in network sales, communications, and management.

Trading Activity

MWWC stock soared 75% to $0.0003 on the hefty volume of 663.56 million shares – 19X its average volume.

A company that may well be worth looking into at this point in time owing to a key new announcement it made yesterday is Marketing Worldwide Corporation (OTC:MWWC). The company was in focus on Thursday after it announced that it had closed a new acquisition and also retained the services of a media specialist for the purpose of making an internal corporate shift.

The company announced yesterday that it had completed the acquisition of its fully owned Wyoming-based subsidiary unit Marketing Worldwide Media. This media business unit is going to allow Marketing Worldwide Corporation to start working on television concepts for the purposes of news, social, entertainment, web, and commercial sales programming. The company expects the subsidiary to bring in revenues from sales of ads that are going to be aired on contracted networks.

It was a major new announcement from the company and marks a fresh new direction that could well prove to be a long-term boost in terms of its bottom line. The move to such a state of affairs also made it necessary for Marketing Worldwide Corporation to go for certain internal changes at the management level. The company announced yesterday that it had made Robert Blagman its new flagship media expert.

Blagman is a highly experienced executive in this domain and commands over three decades of experience in communications, network sales, and management. It may be a good idea for investors to consider adding the Marketing Worldwide Corporation stock to their watch lists at this point.