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Mass Megawatts (OTC: MMMW) announces the opening of a sales office in a fast-growing and high-tech location near central Massachusetts. Mass Megawatts is expanding its reach to potential customers with recent developments like the opening of the sales office and recent improvements to bring more efficiency toward acquiring customers and installing projects.

Following a new major new announcement from the company yesterday, it is likely that the Mass Megawatts stock is going to come into focus among investors today. The company announced yesterday that it had opened a new sales office close to central Massachusetts, which is also a fast-growing location for tech businesses.

The office in question is situated at 11 Apex Drive, Suite 300A at Marlborough in Massachusetts, and is not too far away from Mass Pike. The company chose to go for this move so as to acquire more customers for its services and to make its customer acquisition efforts more efficient. The company believes that it can help its customers in achieving a fast payoff thanks to its solar projects which deploy its solar tracker technology. The technology is still at a patent pending stage.

In addition to that, it has also been asserted by Mass Megawatts that the projects are going to be financially self-sustaining in the next three to five years in many of the locations. The locations that were specified by the company include the projects in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York.

The company recently went into a partnership in order to complete the latest solar projects through the financing and installation of cheaper projects in as many as 19 states in the United States. In addition to that, it was also noted that many of those projects are also going to be eligible for 100% financing. It remains to be seen if the stock comes into focus today.