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Investors often seek hidden opportunities, requiring extensive research to discover them. This underexplored/undervalued company is Monkey Rock Group Inc. (OTC: MKRO), a company based in Italy within the European Union. It operates in the overnight shipping sector, competing with industry giants like FedEx Corporation (NYSE: FDX), United Parcel Service (NYSE: UPS), and (DHL Group) Deutsche Post (OTC: DHLGY).

Monkey Rock Group is active in warehouse handling, temporary work management, freight forwarding, and overland transportation. Since September of last year, it has served as an international operating subsidiary of GE Holding SRL.

GE Holding acquired controlling shares in Monkey Rock on August 8, 2023. Subsequently, GE Holding implemented a new board of directors, a seasoned management team, and engaged a PCOAB accounting firm to equip the company for a competitive edge in the global transportation sector.

After the transaction, Monkey Rock’s workforce expanded to over 1900 employees, overseeing 70 plants. Notably, the company achieved annual consolidated revenues amounting to $285 million.

Recently, it came to light that the company is in the process of finalizing its annual report, set to be completed before the March 31, 2024, filing deadline. Monkey Rock’s strategic objectives for the 2024 are not only focused on continuous improvements but also on strategic acquisitions aimed at fostering growth.  Furthermore, the new management intends to decrease the number of issued common stock shares from the previous administration.