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When a stock starts trading under its new ticker symbol then it is almost always regarded as a significant piece of news and yesterday it was the turn of Zerify Inc to start trading under its new ticker symbol. The company has been in business for as long as 21 years and previously it had been known as StikeForce Technologies Inc  (OTC: SFOR).

The company is a cybersecurity company and is mainly focused on providing solutions meant for secure video conferencing. Yesterday, the company announced that its stock would start trading with the new ticker symbol ZRFY. It should be noted that the corporate name change of the company to Zerify from StrikeForce had also been given the much-needed approval from FINRA.

The company decided to change its name and its stock symbol in order to reflect its new thrust in the world of secure video conferencing. The company is now focused on building an infrastructure that is going to provide its clients with the right security measures in the cyber world. Mark Kay, the CEO and Chairman of the company spoke about the matter as well. He noted that Zerify boasted of more than two decades of experience in the world of cybersecurity.

Hence, that experience is going to be vital in providing clients with a highly secure video conferencing solution. The company is also looking to provide other security solutions in addition to its video conferencing product eventually. It remains to be seen if the stock moves today or not.