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End-to-end drug researcher and formulator Optimi Health Corp (OPTI.C) (OTCQX:OPTHF) is licensed by Health Canada is licensed to supply and produce psychedelic substances for clinical research purposes and also for use in controlled patient markets.

On June 15 the company came into the news cycle after it announced that it had been selected to manufacture and supply MDMA for a practitioner experimental clinical trial which had been sponsored by Numinus Wellness Inc. The clinical trial in question would help medical practitioners to provide MDMA therapy to go along with the chance to participate in experiential training, by way of a special partnership between the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (“MAPS”) and Numinus.

The application for the clinical trial had been submitted through Numinus Wellness Research Inc, a fully-owned subsidiary unit of Numinus. If the application gets approved by Health Canada then it would allow medical practitioners to opt for MDMA-assisted therapy and the ability to observe the effects of MDMA to advance their understanding of psychedelic-assisted therapy. Bill Cirpick, the Chief Executive Officer of Optiomi noted that the latest supply agreement was a vindication of the company’s ‘all in’ strategy.