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Last week Luminar Media Group (OTC:LRGR) was one of the companies to have come into significant focus after it announced on July 11 that it had gone into a partnership with OC Coffee Service Corp. By way of this partnership the two companies would be working on the global expansion of Royale de Monte Carlo Vodka.

 The collaboration would work on opening up new markets for the premium vodka brand and the initial focus is going to be specifically on the Puerto Rican market. The President of OC Coffee Service Shop noted that the collaboration was also an indication of Luminar Media Group and its expertise as it moves into a whole new market.

On July 6 the company had actually announced that it was going to go for key strategic initiatives in order to market is vodka product. Additionally, it was also noted that the company had directed its corporate lawyer Jonathan Liendwan to start work on the process of changing the name of the company and consequently a new ticker symbol. The company noted that it was looking for a name change so that the new name represents is new aim and objectives with far more accuracy.