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Clean Vision Corporation (OTC: CLNV) is rapidly emerging as a prominent figure in the realms of plastic recycling and clean fuel development. On January 23, the company unveiled the initiation of its green bond offering via its subsidiary, Clean Seas Partners UK Limited. It was emphasized that the Green Bond Offering, if fully subscribed, would result in the generation of approximately $340 million through the sale of the notes.

Houston Natural Resources Corporation (OTC: HNRC) garnered attention in January as it unveiled its 2024 investor presentation. Undergoing a name change to Cunningham Natural Resources Corporation, the company’s scope extends beyond conventional oil and gas endeavours. Houston Natural Resources Corporation emphasized its engagement in energy transition materials, encompassing mining ventures in gold, lithium, copper, and other valuable metals, including rare earth metals. The company’s primary objective is centered around achieving sustainable growth on a worldwide scale.

Enzolytics Inc. (OTC: ENZC) revealed a strategic alliance with the Khapley AI Lab in January 2024. The company stated that the partnership would concentrate on enhancing longevity, organ recovery, and the scientific understanding of aging by integrating artificial intelligence with drug development. The announcement underscored the collaboration’s substantial impact on the future of the biotech industry, suggesting a transformative approach to unravelling intricate biology associated with organ regeneration and aging through the application of artificial intelligence to decode the aging process.

General Enterprise Ventures Inc/ Mighty Fire Breaker (OTC:GEVI): In recent times, the company has made considerable progress with its subsidiary unit, Mighty Fire Breaker. On November 15, 2023, General Enterprise Ventures Inc. announced that MFB had been working on the engineering of its Wildfire Insurance Risk Reduction Program for more than a year. Additionally, it was noted that MFB had also inked an exclusive agreement for the use of AI smoke detection monitoring with AX FireScout. MFB had also started work with AX FireScout on a number of large resort-type properties and nearby communities so as to reduce the risk of loss through the early application of CitroTech WFD Systems. The Smoke Detection Monitoring Camera from AX FireScout would help in triggering the MFB Wildfire Defense System, it was noted.

Pressure BioSciences Inc.(OTC:PBIO)  is best known for the distribution and development of pressure-based instruments that could be deployed across several industries. On February 5, Pressure BioSciences Inc. announced that it was going to host a teleconference on the same day. At the teleconference, there were going to be discussions about the recent acquisition of Uncle Bud’s, the natural health and wellness innovator. Additionally, other opportunities for the company were also going to be discussed at the event. It was the fifth investor call that was going to be hosted by Pressure BioSciences for the purpose of discussing Uncle Bud’s acquisition. The company expects the acquisition to lead to $5 million in extra revenues in 2024, with acceleration towards higher figures in 2025 and beyond.