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As the trading week draws to a close, it could be a good time for investors to consider taking a look into the stocks on the OTC markets that came into focus over the past few days. This feature would provide you with a closer look into five of those.

General Enterprise Ventures Inc./Mighty Fire Breaker (OTC:GEVI) The company could be one to look into given the developments related to its subsidiary Mighty Fire Breaker (MFB) this week. On February 7, General Enterprise Ventures Inc. announced that San Diego Fire & Rescue had started using CitroTech from MFB in order to tackle the perpetual threat of wildfires. The Chief Executive Officer of MFB, Joshua Ralston, noted that the company believed that MFB CitroTech was accredited to be the safest fire inhibitor and retardant on the market.

Pressure BioSciences Inc. (OTC:PBIO) The company, involved in the distribution and development of pressure-based instruments for a range of industries, made a key announcement this week. On February 5, Pressure BioSciences Inc. announced that it was going to host a teleconference on the same day to discuss the acquisition of Uncle Bud’s and other opportunities it was exploring. Uncle Bud’s was described as an innovative company involved in the natural health and wellness sector.

Spooz Inc. (OTC:SPZI): The company, now known as JP 3E Holdings Inc., was in focus following an announcement from its fully owned subsidiary unit, JP Energy Global PTE LTD. The Spooz Inc. subsidiary announced that it had executed a sugar commodity contract for ICUMSA 45 Sugar, which had been valued at $617,500,000. The contract had been valued at $47,500,000 a month, and that would work out to a total of $570,000,000 for the year. The value of the trial shipment took the value of the contract to $617,500,000.

Halberd Corporation (OTC:HALB) The company was in focus on February 8 after it announced that the testing protocols related to its nasal spray for mitigating the effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI) at Mississippi State University had been approved. The approval had been provided by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. On February 6, Halberd Corporation announced that its executives and those from Athena GTX had been interviewed by ‘The Street Reports’. The interview was focused on the relationship between the two companies to advance path-breaking technologies for government contracts.

American Blockchain Corporation (OTC:GVSI): The company, which trades as Good Vibrations Shoes Inc., had been in focus on February 6. At the time, American Blockchain Corporation had announced that it had inked a non-binding letter of intent with a private blockchain and cryptocurrency business that operated in the form of an LLC. The LLC remained unnamed to prevent any harassment by the public. The two parties agreed to keep it that way until a definitive agreement had been signed.