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Pressure Biosciences Inc (OTCMKTS:PBIO), which is involved in the manufacturing of broadly enabling high pressed-based equipment for multiple industries, was in the news cycle yesterday after it provided a follow-up on its announcement from April 21, 2023.

The update on April 21 was with regards to the decision from Pressure Biosciences to offer a maximum of five exclusive statewide THC processing licenses to its patented and revolutionary Ultra Shear Technology platform. The company seeks to use the platform for the purpose of creating oil-soluble THC concentrates which are water soluble, long-term stable, and also highly bioavailable nanoemulsions of THC.

In this regard, it should be noted that THC is an oil-soluble molecule and is absorbed quickly when it is inhaled. However, when it is ingested, it is absorbed slowly and at the same time, it is not nearly as bioavailable.

Yesterday the company announced that the data that had been generated by academic researchers as well as independent collaborators had shown that if THC, which had been oil pre-processed by Ultra Shear Technology is ingested then it could take effect quickly. In fact, it could take effect in the first one to 10 minutes of consumption. That was a significant new announcement and was a reflection of the effectiveness of Ultra Shear technology is coming up with innovative solutions.

The CBD nanoemulsions created through Ultra Shear Technology revealed that it had long-term stability, higher total bioavailability, and effective water solubility. Once each license is closed, the licensee would become the exclusive producer of the Ultra Shear technology-processed THC nanoemulsions in its designated state for a period of three years.

The company went on to state that there would only be one license per state and the products could only be shipped within that designated state through the course of the contract.