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Among the many companies that had been in focus this week, Quantum eMotion Corp. (OTCQB:QNCCF) (TSX.V: QNC) was one of those after it made a major new announcement on August 21. The company, which is involved in pioneering work in quantum as well as traditional cybersecurity, announced that it had hit a major new milestone pertaining to the commercialization of its Sentry-Q cybersecurity platform.

The platform in question is meant to meet the unmet demands of modern digital healthcare and new-age telemedicine. In February 2023, the company signed a revenue-sharing agreement with Greybox Solutions.

This week, it emerged that Greybox had been chosen to put its leading-edge solutions in place in the healthcare system in Quebec, which is concerned with care for chronic healthcare issues. It was revealed in the news release that Greybox had been chosen for its ability to satisfy the technical and cybersecurity requirements of the initiative. In this project, Greybox would be responsible for protecting patient data, maintaining the reliability of the platforms, and helping to provide accurate treatment.

The Chief Executive Officer of Greybox, Pierre Berube, noted that he was thrilled at the opportunity for the company and noted that it was a major step in digital infrastructure for the healthcare system of Quebec.