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RAADR Inc. (OTC:RDAR) is involved in the publication of software that helps protect children who use the internet and social media. The products from the company allow parents, law enforcement, and school districts to monitor bullying as well as other threatening behavior in real time on social media platforms and the metaverse.

The stock ended up by 5.55% to $0.0019 and moved within a range of $0.0019-$0.0022.

The company’s flagship product is the RAADR Parental 2.0, which allows parents to protect their children through real-time monitoring across all the major social media platforms and the metaverse.

On August 3, the company was in the news cycle after it announced that it had retained the services of the award-winning growth hacker company K&J Growth Hackers. K&J is best known for providing viral growth and performance-tied marketing for apps and tech startups. It ought to be noted that the Chief Executive Officer of K&J, Jonathan Maxin, is a Fortune 500 marketing strategist and has overseen global campaigns for some of the better-known global brands like TikTok, Xfinity, and Monster Energy. In fact, TikTok recorded as many as 22,800 new app installations within the initial 30 days of the campaign led by him.

On February 9, RAADR announced that it had been successful in launching its RAADR iOS app on the App Store. It became available for free download with immediate effect. On January 25, the company launched the Android version of its app on the Google Play Store, which was also made available for free download immediately.