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RDARS Inc. (CSE:RDRS) (OTCQB:RDRSF) is best known for offering disruptive technology that is used for providing security to commercial, industrial, and residential properties. The company provides a combination of artificial intelligence and protection, which helps in a number of ways. It provides real-time response, verification, situational awareness, data capture, and transmissions to law enforcement agencies if necessary.

If a security breach does take place, then the technology has the ability to receive, analyze, and then downstream the resultant data. The company was established in 2019 as an innovative equipment manufacturing company, and its flagship product is the Eagle Watch Platform. The platform in question is made up of the indoor robotic system Eagle Rover, the drone Eagle Eye, the drone station Eagle News, and the Eagle Watch Command and Control software.

The company announced on June 20 that it had reached an agreement to supply its Eagle Watch Systems to Steinhardt Construction. As per the provisions of the agreement, Steinhardt would be provided with the deployment of the Eagle Watch Platform at its site in Eden Gardens, Orlando. The agreement was seen as a major breakthrough for RDARS.

The company was in the news on August 1 after it announced that its Chief Executive Officer, Charles Zwebner, was going to make a live presentation at the Venture Virtual Investor Conference on August 3, 2023. The event was hosted by The event was supposed to be a live and interactive event in which investors had the freedom to ask questions in real-time.