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Investors are almost always interested in companies that possess disruptive technologies and a company that could well be worth tracking from among such entities is RDARS Inc (CSE:RDRS) (OTCQB:RDRSF). 

The company possesses disruptive technology that helps in the advancement of the approach of the security industry with regard to protecting industrial, commercial, and residential properties. The company achieves that through the introduction of autonomous artificial intelligence verification systems. These systems help with situational awareness, real-time response, evidence recording, analysis, data capture, and instant transmissions to public safety bodies. There had been some significant developments with regards to RDARS in recent times and it may be a good idea to look into those. 

On June 27, the company announced that it had successfully completed the testing phase and initial deployment of its innovative Eagle Nest Off-Grid solution. The highly advanced implementation would provide communications, solar power, and shelter to the Eagle Eye drone. It would also help the system to be deployed anywhere within the SpaceXStarlink operational network. 

Additionally, RDARS also noted that the Eagle Next OFF-Grid solution also offered strong connectivity options which would include WiFi, cellular, and LOS radio communications. The company also announced that it aimed to start the deployment of the units for field testing at some point in the third fiscal quarter of 2023. Pricing for the solutions had not been assigned at the time. 

In this regard, it should be noted that on June 20 RDAR had announced that it had gone into a sales agreement with the firm Steinhardt Construction for deployment of four of its Eagle Watch Systems. As per the terms of the agreement, the company would also provide Steinhardt with deployments of its Eagle Watch platform at the construction site at Eden Gardens in Orlando.