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The mining sector has been on the radars of investors for quite a while and for good reason too, considering the fact that there has been considerable volatility in the price of commodities in the past year. One of the more interesting companies in the sector is Regenx Technologies (OTCQB:RGXTF) (TSX.V:RGX), which is involved in providing mining extraction technologies that are environmentally safe.

Prior to getting into some of the latest developments it may be a good move to take a closer look at the nature of the company as a whole. Experts believe that the company is in a good position with regard to future growth as it continues to work on the development of environmentally friendly processing technologies which are meant for precious metals recovery.

Watch Urban Miner Ben Davis Begins Supplying Platinum & Palladium to Clean-Tech First-Mover Regenx

The company has decided to focus on the extraction of palladium and platinum from diesel catalytic converters initially in collaboration with Davis Recycling, its business partner. Last week the company came on to the news cycle after its Chief Executive Officer Greg Pendura went to The Street podcast and spoke about the different aspects of the company.

He spoke not only about the company’s work with regard to precious metals but also provided updates with regard to its work in relation to precious metals. It could be a good move to have an idea of some of the highlights.

Pendura noted that although the company is heavily linked with the mining sector and with precious metals extraction, Regenx could well be considered to be a technology company. He went on to note that the company was really a clean technology company that was looking to provide environmentally sound extraction technologies.

He added that the most exciting new update with regards to the company was the establishment of a new facility at Greeneville, Tennessee and went on to provide more details. Investors could do well to listen to the podcast.                        

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