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There are a large number of companies that are expected to be in focus this morning owing to key announcements on Thursday, and by that token, RushNet Inc. (OTC: RSHN) could be one of the companies worth tracking. The company announced yesterday that it had inked a strategic licensing agreement with the firm Royal Caridea LLC. Thanks to the agreement, RushNet got exclusive rights to the Royal Caridea technology for the Canada and United States markets.

In this context, it ought to be noted that Royal Caridea is currently involved in the completion of a demonstration plant located in Gila Bend, Arizona. The plant is being built on land encompassing 72 acres and is situated around 68 miles to the south-west of Phoenix, Arizona.

The technology platform that RushNet would get access to would provide it with the tools to harvest and cultivate aquaculture species like shrimp anywhere on the globe. Perhaps more importantly, the technology would also provide shrimp farms with the added advantage of reduced production costs, modularity, complete integration, and an easy installation process. The company is the proud owner of more than 40 patents in the United States, Europe, and Canada. Those include United States patent numbers 11,206,817 and 11,617,354 and Canadian patent number 2973601.

The shrimp farm operators would be able to produce shrimp close to where their customers are on a daily basis. Each of the production systems could easily be scaled up to produce anything between 300,000 pounds and 2 million pounds of shrimp a year.

The production systems boast a fully enclosed design, which would prevent any loss of heat and minimize facility corrosion while keeping strong biosecurity measures in place. In light of the new deal for RushNet, it would be a good move for investors to keep the stock on their watch lists.